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11 Life Lessons That We Can Learn from Squid Game.

Life Lessons That We Can Learn from Squid Game

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1. Money isn’t Everything in Life. Your Purpose Matters:

Do You Know What Someone With No Money Has In Common With Someone With Too Much Money? Living Is No Fun For Them.Il-Nam

Do you remember the last scene in the series? Gi Hun has now decided to meet his daughter. Up until that time, his purpose was to reunite with his daughter.

But something striking happens. Gi Hun has seen 100s of deaths in front of his eyes. He’s witnessed the injustice to 100s of his comrades during the game.  While he was about to board the aircraft, he was reminded of his purpose, which is to put an end to the game. (Or so I think!) some of my friends say otherwise and that Gi Hun will be the one who will conduct Season 2 of the games!! I feel that his purpose is to end the Squid Game! And for this mission, he’s ready to sacrifice his own desire to reunite with his daughter.

2. Luck Matters. Good Luck vs Bad Luck:

It doesn’t matter how tough you are, you are not going to win on your own. Deok-Su

Jang Deok-Su. The villain, the gangster. Everyone was scared of him.

But I felt that he was also lucky. Do you remember the game of marbles? He was not the best player. But with a little bit of luck, he did win and survived for the time being.  In life too, with a bit of preparation, you will feel lucky. Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

3. Trust but Verify:

We’ve already come to far to end this now.Sang-woo

The most emotional event of Squid Game was when Ali was cheated by Choo Sang-woo! Ali trusted Choo with his marbles. And ultimately paid the price of his life.

I remember trusting people based on what they told me. I blindly trusted people for their flair, their talk, their charisma. In one instance I invested in a start-up just by watching them present at an event without doing much due diligence. And ultimately paid the price.

4. The System is Rigged:

What could we all do to finally have some fun?Il-nam

We only come to know about the rigged system towards the end of the season. Il Nam was an insider with knowledge and information about the game beforehand.

I believe we come up with this quite often in our lives with people who achieve great things in life and sometimes we wonder HOW! In most cases, they are insiders or have someone who is an insider in the game being played. Sometimes this is a competitive advantage and other times this is purely cheating.  How do you navigate your life with all the headwinds that you are facing?

5. Smart Work vs Hard Work:

I’m not a genius, but I still got it where it counts. Mi-nyeo

This is perhaps the best lesson I learned watching the Squid Game. In the game where you are supposed to cut the sugar candy (Dalgona) in exactly the right way, Gi Hun managed to work smart and inspire others to do the same stuff. This is by far the best example of smart work that helped himself and his fellow participants.

On the other hand, people who were immersed in their own hard work did not survive the game. You can learn so much from this.  In your work:  • How smart are you?  • How often do you come up with solutions?  • How often do you offer creative help?  • How do you come up with ideas to solve the problems at hand?

6. Opportunity Knocks Again and Again:

I’m not a genius, but I still got it where it counts.” — “Life is like a game. There are many players. If you don’t play with them, they’ll play with you.Il-Nam

During the first 2 episodes, we see that players decide to quit the game through mutual voting. The majority of the participants decided to quit the game. But they were again lost in their lives. Then the opportunity knocked once again on all of them.

Now, they exactly knew their odds of survival and that there will be only ONE winner in the game. This is an extreme example of real life and our life may not be that gruesome. When you are in your deep slumber and feel like everything is lost, new windows of opportunity may open up. You will have to climb through it. In the year 2014, I’d lost my job and thought everything was lost in life. I went into a minor depression. I thought this is it and was about to pack my bags to return to my country. But, opportunity knocked on my door. Not the exact one I wished for. But an opportunity. I took up the challenge. So if you feel stuck in your life, I’d say don’t lose hope. Be ready, prepare. You will have your opportunity at your door at an unexpected time. You have to be ready for these times!

7. Be Kind:

I just wanted to return the favor. Ali

This has been the most important lesson I learned. There are so many scenes of kindness within the series.  • Gi Hun is offering Il Nam his company in the game. 

• The team accepts the 10th person on their team.

Kindness is not charity. Kindness is the attitude of acceptance.  You get so many opportunities in your life to be kind. Take them up even if they are an inconvenience to you. Help each other.

8. Love Comes from the Unlikeliest of Places:

Hey, old man. Want to do this together? Gi-Hun

Love can be between brothers, sisters, siblings, parents, strangers, lovers, and friends.

In the game, we see the love between strangers. Gi Hun was very practical in exhibiting his love for many characters within the game. Starting with his mother, to Il Nam, to Kang Se-byeok. At the end of the game, he loved Cho Sang-woo, despite trying to cheat against him.  Ji-Yeong loved Kang Se-byeok and sacrificed her life. She didn’t have to. Love can come from the unlikeliest of places. The only condition is that you must accept this love with open arms and an open mind.

9. Be Patient:

Good rain knows the best time to fall.VIP

We live in a NOW time.  • Instant coffee • Instant entertainment • Instant dopamine • Instant love • Instant news • Instant promotion • Instant everything

And we’ve all the rights to demand these. But the real fruit of your success is in being patient. In a time of instant gratification, having a low-time preference is a competitive advantage.  If you seek instant solutions, you may forgo the actual meaning of achievement. I want the latest gadget, I want quick success, I want to get rich quick.  Gi Hun taught us that being patient is a virtue. Like a true leader, he felt that giving opportunities to others is the right thing to do. And this saved his life till the end. He was patient, he was willing to sacrifice short-term validations. We’ve so much to learn from him.

10. If You Want to Win, Listen!

Dad, you’re free to get in fights. Just don’t get beaten up.Gi-hun’s daughter

In a survival mode, you tend to make harsh decisions. In the opening game of ‘red light, green light’, this skill meant the difference between life and death. Listening is not only through your ears but also deep within your soul.

• Do you listen to your gut feelings?  • Do you listen to your heart? • Do you listen to nature? All these factors can affect your chance of winning. If you’re an entrepreneur, do you listen to your competition, do you listen to the upcoming technologies that may give you an edge in the market? In a relationship, do you listen to your partner without speaking? Can you listen to their innermost voices? Perhaps the most important skill you can develop is to listen to the signs of the time to be ready for a future that is upon us.

11. Be a Team Player:

It doesn’t matter how tough you are, you are not going to win on your own.Deok-Su

TEAM: Total Effort by All Members

Without a team, it’d not be possible to survive in Squid Game. And the courageous team, strong would go on to survive the next round. When many minds meet and plan, the synergy will have its own results. We saw this during multiple instances in Squid Game. In the game of tug of war, the team which seemed like a weak one was not weak. They’d strategized various plans from different team members and this was the reason they survived.  During the internal uprising, it was the smart, strong team that survived. We can draw so many similarities from the game to our own lives, both personal and professional.  There are many other lessons that we would learn from Squid Game. That’s up to each of us.  But what I’d like for you and me is to keep our eyes, ears, and hearts open for the moment. I hope you also have learned loads of lessons from Squid Game. What part touched you the most?

Top Quotes from Squid Game:

• “I’m good at everything, except the things I can’t do.” — Mi-nyeo 

• “Life is like a game. There are many players. If you don’t play with them, they’ll play with you.” — Il-Nam

 • “At that moment, I felt as if I owned the entire world.” — Gi-hun 

• “I just wanted to return the favor.” — Ali 

• “One more round.” — Gi-hun 

• “Stick with the strongest team. That’s the only way.” — Deok-su 

• “You don’t trust people because they are trustworthy. You do it because you have nothing else to rely on.” — Sae-byeok 

• “I’ll make sure we win.” — Ji-yeong

 • “Doing something is always more fun than just watching.” — Il-nam 

• “Everyone is equal while they play this game.” — The Front Man • “Begin the next game.” — The Front Man 

• “Good rain knows the best time to fall.” — VIP 

• “That’s right. You die.” — Gi-hun 

• “Do you know what people with no money have in common with people with too much money? Living is no fun for them.” — Il-nam 

• “I’m not a genius, but I still got it where it counts.” — Mi-nyeo 

• “Hey, old man. Want to do this together?” — Gi-hun 

• “Dad, you’re free to get in fights. Just don’t get beaten up.” — Gi-hun’s daughter 

• “Would you like to play a game with me? — The Front Man 

• “A player is not allowed to stop playing.” — The Front Man 

• “Out there, I don’t stand a chance. I do in here.” — Player 322 

• “There’s this saying in investing, ‘Try not to keep your eggs in the same basket.’” – Sang-woo 

• “When faced with danger, take refuge with the herd.” — VIP 

• “It doesn’t matter how tough you are, you are not going to win on your own.” — Deok-Su 

• “I want to get one last chance to claim ownership of my life.” — Random player 

• “Can you still trust anybody to be good?” — Il-nam 

• “What could we all do to finally have some fun?” — Il-nam 

• “Look at that. There’s someone who cares.” Gi-hun 

• “This is Hell. What are the rules in Hell?” — Deok-su 

• “We’ve already come to far to end this now.” — Sang-woo 

• “How much is the truth? And how much is a lie?” — Gi-hun



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