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Get to Know Adding Values

Learning Is a Journey

Adding Values is a new innovative way to learn new things, you will get Brainstorming things at your Finger Tip.

We are committed to giving Valuable knowledge to the People of the World.

We Always ensure to be Unbiased & Liberal towards our Content.

Adding Values is also an open Platform to share & Discuss Various Topics.

Adding Values is not just a Website where your read the Articles, Watch Videos & listen podcast. But, we are Aiming to make it more than that...

We Need Your Support to grow & Reach More People.

Hope you Enjoy it & get some Factual Knowledge.

🙂Happy Learning 📖.

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About Founder

Mission & Goals

I founded Adding Values with the goal of sharing Knowledge, Creating awareness in Society And to Start a Conversation.

"Adding Values to the Peoples Life is the Best Value you can Give YourSelf"

-Shivraj Patil

(Founder & CEO of Adding Values)

Shivraj Patil Founder & CEO of
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