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We value quality content and believe that knowledge comes from the young generation. We want you to work with us and gain experience. We want to give the world a chance to see what you're capable of, so we've created a platform where anyone can participate. Scroll Drown to see the Vacancies & the Internship Duration & Perks.

 Vacancies open for 

Content Writer

You have to Write Valuable & Helpful articles for Readers. 1. You have to Write at least 5 full-fledged articles in a month. 2. You have to contribute to social media post posts like Twitter threads, Instagram stories/posts, etc.

Social media manager

SMM is a Part of the Entire Process, And you will be Responsible for, everything related to Social Media. 1. You should be taking part in all the films from scratch two final. 2. You will be assigned to any one or two social media handles as per your pick, or in which you have more skills to do 3. You will be monitoring all the content on social media from production to publishing. 4. This also includes planning developing, implementing, and managing strategies for the social media accounts

graphic Designer

Graphic designing plays the most important. So you have to be More Creative. 1. You create social media posts based on the articles and by taking the help of the content writing team team 2. You have to keep posts ready to publish as per the schedule, 3. you will be assigned to the work from time to time as per work flow

Translator & Caption writer

The translator and caption writer help the Organization to reach a Multi-lingual Audience by Translating & caption writing. 1. you have to translate the articles or videos into another preferred language. 2. You will be assigned to a particular language to translate or write a caption from English to Marathi or Hindi (you have to select the preferred language to translate). 3. As per your selection, you will be assigned.

video editor

The video editor Plays a Very Important Role in Content Creation. 1. As a Video editor You to do the editing of our videos and podcast. etc. 2. You have to create shorts & reels from the existing videos. 3. You will be assigned as per the schedule and project.

Creative Arrangment

Eligibility Criteria

A Person continuously researching, reading, and educating himself/herself on subjects that are relevant to their target audience.

You should be true knowledge-seekers.

We don’t just want to know a few facts about something, we want you to know everything. you have to know what other people don’t know. And you have to share that information with others.

A person with a Creative Mindset & Sharing Attutuide is just an Eligibility criteria

⭐️ Internship Duration & Perks ⭐️

3 month

  1. Digital Certificate

  2. 6 Month AV basic membership

T&C apply

6 Month

  1. Physical certificate.

  2. 1-year AV Basic membership.

T&C apply

12 Month

  1. Physical Certificate of Internship.

  2. Physical Certificate of Experience.

  3. 1-year AV Elite membership.

  4. Priority in HR List.

  5. More upcoming perks

T&C apply

24 Month

  1. Physical Certificate of Internship.

  2. Physical Certificate of Experience.

  3. 1-year AV Elite membership.

  4. Letter of Recommendation

  5. Priority in HR List.

  6. Stipend for the work T&C apply

  7. More upcoming perks

Internship Duration & Pearks
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