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5 Tips to Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

1. Good cover picture related to your industry:

Cover pictures will help your Profile visitor to gain the Max idea about your Field of Work, So every time make sure to make good & industry-related Cover images for your LinkedIn Profile.

2. Personal Photo for a Profile pic, make sure that it should be above the shoulder:

Having a Proper Profile photo helps you to make your own brand face as a Brand, always make sure to Upload a nice-looking your won Photo which should be above your shoulder.

3. Simple, Short & Attractive Headline which will describe you in a smart way:

Having a Simple, Short headline that describes more about yourself & your work. will directly help & attract a viewer to know more about you & they might follow you.

4. In the About Section you have to put the Brief of your Journey and Education:

Now here is a Tip of Iceberg, Just because the way you describe yourself will create a very strong impact on the next person, So you have to Give a quick & Brief of your Journey and Education & the more about your Project/ startup or just anything on what you are working want to make in future.