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a. Introduction to AI

b. Artificial intelligence in Film

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Introduction to AI.

AI, which is advancing at breakneck speed, makes it possible for machines to learn from experience ( one can see a proficient example while using ChatGPT ), adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. These AI are based on the principle that a machine can easily mimic human intelligence which can defined in a way and then it could execute tasks. These task could vary from most simple to those that are even more complex; on condition that - the ChatGPT attempted all 200 questions, its performance results stood at 359 out of 800. ChatGPT outperformed in the biology section, it added. ChatGPT also stood average in the CLAT exam.

Artificial Intelligence in Film.

From the maneuvering of AI in Hollywood, the tradition filmmaking has been improved by cutting off a lot of time and money as they involve multiple takes and shots. This eventually led to increase in efficiency of filmmaking. This significantly reduces production times and budgets as AI create props and backgrounds from scratch. This also helps in streamlining processes enabling producers to keep budget as low possible.

AI could be backboned by Hollywood as in one more sense, i.e. facial recognition. This Technology allows for more accurate retouching of shots and eliminating the need of heavy and sharp works.


Recently, Warner Bros and Photoroom, an AI-based photo app, collaborated to create a Barbie Selfie Generator, which lets users upload a selfie and transform it into a Barbie movie character's poster. The selfie filters will allow fans to take pictures with virtual accessories and backgrounds inspired by the movie, making it a fun way to engage with the Barbie brand. When you upload a photo, Photoroom removes your background and overlays your selfie over the iconic Barbie poster.

Released on 3th of April This year, it already has 13 Million times used record which sets record in itself. Therefore, when I tried this with the gorgeous picture of Lalisa Manoban, it shows following output.

picture taken from Pinterest & then uploaded in

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