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Be Like Water

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Once Bruce Lee said “I Said Empty your Mind, Be Formless, Shapeless Like Water. Now you put it into Cup, it becomes Cup. you put it in a Bottle, it becomes a Bottle. If you put it in TeaPot it becomes TeaPoet. Now Water can Flow or it can Crash. BE WATER, MY FRIEND”
1. Increased Resilience to Change:
As water is able to take all kinds of different Forms. We can pour water into the glass. When it’s a part of the Ocean it Waves. Depending on the outside temperature it changes its behaviour when it's cooked it Evaporates when it’s Frozen it becomes Solid. Thus Water Survive different circumstances the adaptation.

2. Power Of Softness:
The living is soft & yielding. The dead are Rigid & Stiff. Living Plants are flexible & Tender; the dead are Brittle & Dry.
Being soft is not the weakness that it has been made out to be, Things that are soft can take the inevitable hits of life and bounce back. They let things bounce off of them. They have a Resilience & lightness about them. They have a capacity to flow and adapt
If you want to open yourself for knowledge & to grow Then you have to be like water, because Hard, Strife & Rigid can't absorb things.
The People Those who have rigidness. They more likely end up with nothing & face Difficulties while

✍︎Life is characterised by softness & softness is Strength. Soft things don't break easily, because they can bend & yield, unlike brittle & rigid.
✍︎There is no Future, No Past. There is only a Present.

# Learnings:

⭐︎You should always be Alway Prepared for New Ups of Downs. There is no fixed strategy that you use.
⭐︎To master anything and to overcome any problem you first make yourself empty and mould yourself as per the requirement that works out the problem.
⭐︎Our behaviour is affected by our Assumptions or our Perceived truth. We make decisions based on what we think we know.
⭐︎If you want to become Unstoppable then you have to be like the water you have to keep on going and going doesn't matter what society is saying or what people think just like Water and keep going.



Article by: Shivraj Patil | Publisher: | Sources: ‘Ikigai’; ‘Start With Why Book’; YT Video

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