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Complete guide for local shops for making online presence 🌐🚀

1/Facebook and whatsapp Groups

Social media is very friendly (subscription required) to local companies. big platforms will support their ads, when they’re for perfectly legal companies. Nonetheless, Facebook did recently lift its ban on marijuana-related pages.

One way to use these social media groups would be to post links to helpful content, providing expert input of your own, on behalf of your brand.


While many industries are just starting to realise how powerful an influencer’s endorsement can be, you've probably noticed that companies have been quick to adopt this e-commerce marketing practice.

Local brands looking to work with influencers should find those who can help craft campaigns that are sensitive to current issues and won’t inadvertently get their social or ad account shut down.

Important elements of a quality influencer or micro influencer are someone who has grown their audience organically, creates original content and reports high levels of engagement and social reach with that audience.


Search engine optimization (SEO)

strategies for local companies are similar to those used in other industries. In fact, there are even specific companies out there that serve the unique SEO-related needs of this industry.

Dispensaries and brick-and-mortar shops can create a profile on Google My Business, making it easier for Google to understand what these companies offer and to show up on those all-important Google Maps.

4/Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has long been a fantastic and affordable marketing method, so it makes sense that many local companies offer these programs.

Best of all, a local company only needs to list the details for its affiliate program on its website to start recruiting marketers to work purely on commission. Companies can also actively promote their affiliate programs by contacting influencers, joining affiliate networks or buying space on websites frequented.

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