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Facebook Messenger killing SMS next Month.

Meta's messenger will no longer handle your SMS.

Image of Facebook and Messenger.

Image Credit : Web Pro News.

Meta has announced plans to drop SMS support in Messenger starting September 28, 2023 (via 9to5Google). Remember this feature when your SMS and Facebook Messages were acting on one platform i.e. Messenger and you were struck to find which on is SMS and which one is Fb's Messages. Now, this feature is being undertaken by Meta and no longer works on Android.

When this change takes effect, your phone should automatically configure the messaging app that was pre-installed on your Android device as the default SMS provider. You'll need to download another program, such as Google Messages, True caller, or Signal, if you don't already have one.

The decision by Meta to discontinue SMS support is a reflection of the waning popularity of SMS as a communication method among users. Using SMS is already difficult in India, where spam texts are common, which probably deters consumers even more.

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