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Fresh vegetables and fruits a boon for healthy life

Today everyone wants to be health conscious. Everybody wants good health and food. To do so people spend a lot of money buying organic fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are very important for the growth, development and maintaining a healthy body which helps to fight various diseases and disorders. An average human should consume 250gm vegetables and 500gm fruits per day to fulfil their nutrient requirements.

But with the increasing use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in farms it is tough to get chemical-free vegetables. Even though if we managed to include 300gm vegetables and 500 gm of fruits in our daily diet it does not fulfill our needs. So it's essential to get fresh and chemical-free vegetables and fruits.

Kitchen Gardening/balcony gardening /terrace farming can help us to find solutions to these problems. We can grow fresh vegetables at our house by practising kitchen Gardening.

The very first step to starting kitchen Gardening is a selection of vegetables that are to be grown. These vegetables must be easy to grow nutritious and should grow fast. These vegetables should be grown in a small space and give a high yield.

Following are some vegetables that fulfil all the needs mentioned above.

​Spinach (पालक)

  1. This is found everywhere in India and is very beneficial for the human body.

  2. ​It takes only 45 days to gain maturity.

  3. ​It is propagated through seeds.

  4. ​It helps in maintaining good vision

  5. ​It is a rich source of vitamin K, calcium, magnesium and iron.

  6. ​It helps in controlling blood pressure and in weight loss.

  7. ​It is also good for heart health

​Fenugreek (मेंथी)

  1. ​It is a fast-growing vegetable and requires 40-45 days to gain maturity.

  2. ​It is propagated through seeds.

  3. ​It is a low-calorie food.

  4. ​It helps to control diabetes.

  5. ​It keeps the digestive system healthy.

  6. ​In women, it stimulates breast milk.

​Dill leaves (सावा)

  1. ​It takes 50-60

  2. ​It is grown from seeds.

  3. ​It promotes digestion.

  4. ​It eases respiratory issues.

  5. ​It relieves pain, inflammation and prevents infection.

  6. ​It boosts immunity

Brocolli (हरि फुलगोबी)

  1. ​Kale is propagated through seeds and takes about 90-95 days to attain maturity.

  2. ​It is a rich source of vitamins, proteins, folic acid, iron, magnesium, etc.

  3. ​It boosts immunity and metabolism.

  4. ​Green sorrel currey (toxifying agent.

  5. ​It helps to lose weight.

​Green sorrel currey(अंबात चुका भाजी)

  1. ​It is grown from seeds.

  2. ​It gains maturity in 35-40 days.

  3. ​It is a rich source of vitamins like A, B1, B2 and B3.

  4. ​It is rich in calcium, sodium, phosphorus and iron.

  5. ​It is a good antioxidant.

Along with these easy-to-cultivate vegetables, one can grow coriander and mint that adds rich flavour and aroma to the food. Also, they r easy to grow.

​Coriander (धनिया)

  1. ​It is grown from seeds.

  2. ​It takes about 40-45 days to grow it.

  3. ​It adds aroma and flavour to the food.

  4. ​Its seeds are used as a spice.

Peppermint (पुदीना)

  1. ​Peppermint is commonly propagated by stem cutting.

  2. ​It is commonly used to add flavour and to prepare chutney which is very healthy and tasty.

Thus to get fresh and healthy vegetables everyone should practice kitchen gardening.



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