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Google is back with its account switcher facility.

Google is back with yet another significant update to its account switcher on the web.

google account switcher

Image Credit: PhoneArena.

Google is still steadily refining how to efficiently and consistently portray its apps and services across Android, ChromeOS, and the web, even though the Material You design language initially debuted with Android 12 in 2021 and was quickly followed by numerous apps receiving aesthetic updates to match.

Beside that, on Google websites, changing accounts isn't always the most aesthetically pleasing process, but the firm is working to improve it. Google is back with yet another significant update to its account switcher on the web, following the addition of Material You touches to the interface in January and the recent development of a gesture for fast switching between work and personal accounts on Android.

google account switcher

Image Credit: PhoneArena.

The account switcher facility's larger dimensions, which have increased in both height and width, are the most obvious modification. The profile image for the user's currently active Google Account is shown beneath the email address in a top-center position. Notably, Manage your Google Account button's appearance has changed from a rounded rectangle to a pill-shaped component. A somewhat darker color scheme is used throughout the overhaul to give it a more sophisticated appearance.

Users can view a list of their extra Google accounts from the account management section below. By selecting the Hide additional accounts button, you can reduce the size of this list, making the user interface (UI) more manageable than it was previously. It's unfortunate that this isn't consistent across Google sites; if you access the account switcher on another Google platform, or even just refresh the current page, the list increases once more.

The business not only updated the account switcher facility but also the look of the app launcher, which can be accessed by pressing the grid-shaped icon in the top-right corner of the screen next to your profile image. This now has the same light blue hues that can be found throughout Google's (non-dynamic color) Material You designs, as well as steeply rounded edges.


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