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Ikigai Book Review

About Book:

Authors of the Book Ikigai: Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles

The book is about the people living in Okinawa who have found a way to live a happy and long life. The people of Okinawa have found their ikigai and that makes them love whatever they do and love, their lifestyle is active and all of these factors make their life long-lasting.

The introduces you to some of the concepts of Japanese culture and the value of “the happiness of always being busy”. It narrates the art of staying young while growing old, scientific facts about food, active mind that would translate to a youthful body.

It shares what is stress, and why does it cause it? Later it shares what are the ways to handle it. Stress is accused of killing longevity. How do stress work and the impact of cortisol on the body? To be mindful of stress and work towards reducing it constantly, though a little stress does good to the body and helps longevity. It is shown with scientific data that if you keep moving your body it is good for you. If your work involved too much stilling, it going to be hard for you.

Logotherapy is where a person has to keep rediscovering the purpose of life. The search for purpose in life, finding a driving force that helps to achieve goals.

Flow. This is the soul to live to find a flow, a flow is where there is no future, there is no past and only there is only present. You are dissolved into the experience, with no thinking, no distraction. Your ego dissolves and you become part of what you are doing. How to identify the state of flow, how to discover the flow? They shared interesting stories of Steve Jobs’ Japan visit which brought light to small details and facts and got to know Jobs.

A great focus is given to keeping the body in action in various sections of the book, still, a small chapter is added with different techniques and benefits of tai chi, yoga, radio taiso, qigong, and breathing techniques.

The book ends with a chapter on Resilience. This was one of the golden nuggets explained over the last few pages. As everyone discovers their ikigai and follows passion no matter what. As they never give up on passion and in case things go wrong then how do you build the ability to persevere and live life and not just keep doing urgent things? I am glad that I read the book till the end and see deep insight into resilience.

Detailed Review:

  • What I Liked Particularly:

  1. The way Book Return is the Next level, they Elaborated everything in the stepwise Processes.

  2. I liked the part about Diet, where they put in the all needed things, & ways to do it. So I think that part helped me & I liked it.

  • What I Don’t Like:

  1. There is nothing Specific that I won't like, but I found that sometimes some chapters/ points may feel a bit, off route but in the end it makes sense.

My Opinion:

It is a must-read for someone who wants to discover the purpose of their life or achieve some great heights in their career. For anyone who looks for longevity, this book is a quick help to bring immediate changes to one’s life.


So, This was a Book Review of Ikigai, Hope you got some Values & Overview of the book. Shortly we will provide you with all the Needed Downladbles here.

Thank You.

😊Happy Learnings📚



Article by: Shivraj Patil | Publisher: | Source: Internet & articles

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