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Kitchen Gardening...a big step towards healthy life

Our mind refreshes when we see greenery around and it provides us with a variety of things to fulfil our daily requirements including food to eat, air to breathe clothes medicines and many other

Kitchen gardening is also part of this which includes growing vegetables and fruits in small areas for your wen use it is mostly done in the backyard of the house 

There’s nothing better than using such fresh material in your daily life homegrown veggies and fruits are always tastier and chemical-free than those purchased from the 4market so kitchen gardening directly helps in maintaining your health

Due to the rapid increase in population around the world, there is a great demand for urban food supply so instead of buying those costly wages from markets you can grow them there in your house

1. Fresh organic harvest

You can grow 100% organic new and nutritional vegetables for your family

2. Utilization of spare time

If you are free or border you can spend your time in the kitchen garden which will help to refresh your mind and this will also increase your thinking power.

3. Benefits economically

In the market you purchase fruits and vegetables at a high price instead if you grow those fruits and veggies at home they will cost you less and will be organic as well as fresh without any infection.

4. Utilization of wastewater from kitchen

Kitchen gardening does not require any special irrigation system or water. One can utilise kitchen wastewater for vegetables and fruit plants.

5. Allows you to know different varieties

If you start with kitchen gardening you will acquire knowledge about various varieties and their appearance which will make you capable of identifying which one is best for your daily use

6. Helps in educating children at your home

This allows you to give lessons about the importance of trees saving or utilising water in a proper manner not to harm the environment and how you can fulfil your basic needs even from a small area

7. Physical activity

Gardening work or moderate intensity exercise are needed by everyone and specifically those in urban areas because their life has become just like running train.

8. Purifies surrounding air

Plants are only the source which helps in the cleaning of air by absorbing Co 2 and releasing O2 needed by us all apart from this it is also relevant because of the house.

9. Recycling of plant scraps

Unused wedges leftover pills can help you in making compost for further gardening which will increase the nutrient capacity of topsoil and thus increase yield.

10. Helps to remain in touch with the environment

We people have been promoted from mother earth or due to moderation and have forgotten the importance hope soil but kitchen gardening is the easiest way to stay in contact with soil and the beautiful environment.

11. Save times

Instead of wasting your valuable time going to the market for buying Vegas and fruits, you can plant them there in your garden which will be easily accessible even in a short period of time.

12. Saves the cost of transportation

With kitchen gardening, one can save on the transport cost of visiting vegetable markets.

13. Improve health condition

If you grow plants like tulsi and mint then you can start eating those one or 2 leaves every day which will keep you away from respiratory disorders and heart diseases and also help to treat a person with fever.

With all these benefits and advantages one must start the practice of this wonderful concept of kitchen gardening. This urban and modern life suitable system will prove to be a  revolutionary step towards a healthy and sustainable life.



Personal Education | Department of Agriculture | Co-writer: Mansi Raktate

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