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Nokia Dumb Phones : Remember that basic phone for texting and calling?

Nokia feature phones are reliable and simple to use – on top of that, these modern dumbphones are meant be enjoyed.

image of nokia dumb phones

Image Credit: Techspot.

What we would refer to as "dumbphones" are anything but that. It's becoming more and more difficult to really unplug in today's tech-driven environment. Meanwhile, Nokia Phones are really intuitive, making it easy to get the hang of one. The simplicity of Nokia feature phones makes them ideal as inexpensive backup phones at home or on a trip, or for digital detoxing when you need a break. We might be able to achieve a slight balance with the aid of a dumb phone.

image of nokia dumb phones

Image Credit : Nokia Phones/Official Website.

The Nokia 130 and 150 are two modernized feature phones with features that are reminiscent of the best of the past but have the form factor of more recent technology.

The Nokia 150 is a more expensive phone with a 2.4-inch QVGA display, 1,450 mAh battery, and built-in FM radio. It comes in three colors and has a mediocre rear-facing camera. Data can be saved on a MicroSD card and charged with micro USB. Nokia 130 has a similar screen and battery, but lacks a camera, making it a secondary device.

The Nokia Dumb Phones 130 and 150 are entry-level smartphones with a screen size and removable battery. They are IP52-rated, dust and water resistant, and have physical buttons and navigational buttons. Nokia developed software for these devices, including a revamped Snake game. The marketing promises "hours of fun."

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