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In your Daily Life, how would you feel if you could only work with apps having Uni-function; I mean Instagram and Snapchat weren't like this originally, rather their features are upgraded so they could be very handy and multi-purpose making the user not to rely on other apps for extra necessities.

fig: UX Collective

This Super-apps is used for the same purpose, they allows users to perform various tasks within the app instead of using multiple separate apps & they are designed to be convenient and efficient, providing the user with one-stop for their needs.

These are getting more and more in the Mobile Phones of User as they provide consumers with a quick and easy way to access the services they require. For e.g. Users can access everything in one location ( take it as a big mall where everything are found rather moving all day throughout the city ), and businesses may provide their client with a more through and customized experience.

fig: Geniusee

Some of the services a Super -app should have are;

a. Social media features such as Chatting to connecting people in different parts of World.

b. Making the user Friendly UI/UX design & easier to slide with.

c. Various kinds of Financial services such as Investment, Banking, Insurance.

d. For a more efficient and engaging world, Productivity solution make their time increment with the app like keeping note-taking, scheduling and Future Time management, makes the app more easy to go with.

Why are Super-apps Preferred?

  1. Advertising and In-app Purchases

Wherever in the world you go, you could see these giant roots of Meta Apps making the Chatting to advertising features through the apps. So many shops ( Local Shops ) are running due to this features , which ultimately increases the revenues. Plus the e-commerce platform is giving direct feedback to the business owner making them to improve their product quality while utilizing their relation with customers as well.

fig- flaticon

2. Simplify Life.

When any certain app becomes multi-function, they lead to one thing for sure and that is to simply, Imagine how your life might be if you have to return to your camera or other app where your filter camera app to click picture and then upload on social sites. That might quite chaotic right, same thought was arisen in the head of ex-Founder of Instagram which gave the rise to Filter itself inside the app. Bonus is, anyone could create it from their knowledge and skills.


3. Customer Feedback and Relationship.

As mentioned above, this makes the seller-customer relation stronger by increasing their engagement with each other in real time and without the misconception. This can lead to increased revenue and growth for businesses. You can say, Super-apps helps in more comprehensive as well as personalized growth like your Spotify app might be doing while making your ' Made for You' Playlist.

fig: think company

4. Single ID.

Single ID basically makes user experience different platform-full of services through just a login and this makes them feel closer to completing task rather waiting from one app to another to do mini chores. Services like Ride hailing, Food-Delivery, Finance, E-commerce, Travel, Fashion & Trends and many more could be accessed through the same lot of information and repeated logins and logouts harassment could be put to a stop.

fig: Mac Rumors

Abstracting above, users download super apps mostly for saving time and storage which eventually saves thier money & Ultimately they are helpful for doing many things in one Interface.



  2. You can find more on about features of Super-app on -,shopping%2C%20payments%2C%20and%20delivery%20tracking

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