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The 6 types of people that will make your team thrive!

Even in the biggest, most stable corporations, putting together a small team can be a difficult process with personality clashes, hierarchical imbalances, and conflicting visions. But in a startup, the challenge of assembling solid team carries the added stress of being potentially fatal. These are some of the roles your team needs to include in order for your business to function well. While one person might have more than one of these traits, these six need to exist in your team in whichever form. The Genius The genius will challenge the rest of the team and ask for things that the others aren’t sure how to get done. They are the disruptors and the brainstormers who push the rest of the team forward with their ideas and actions. The Superstar The superstar is the person who gets down to business and accomplishes tasks. This is your top-performer who inspire the team, do their homework and readily share resources. The Leader Every startup needs a clear leader, and it does not have to be the CEO. This person is someone the entire team to looks up to and follows. Bear in mind that being the leader doesn’t necessarily come with a higher rank, but rather with the motivation and natural tendency towards leadership. The Industry Veteran While startups are often formed around new ideas, it helps to have someone who knows how things are done in an industry. This usually means that this person has insider knowledge and an unfair advantage gained over the course of many years in the industry. The Sales Wizard Startups with brilliant ideas often forget that someone needs to sell them. Your sales animal needs to be the one on the front lines and have tons of charisma and a focus that instills trust in your customers. The Financial Suit Another crucial component of every startups is financial talent. This role can be performed by in-house employees or outsourced talent. This can also be the role of a cofounder, if that suits your structure and allows you some peace of mind.

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