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Time Investing Advice for Teenagers

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

1. Invest In Learnings: Investing in Learning is one of the Important Investments which every Teenager should be doing, to get more Skilled & make Self Growth. This Investment will show the results in Professional life. So, always make sure to invest in Learning new things, To get Educational Content you can log in into Adding Values by Clicking here.

2. Learn Useful & In Demand skills: Skills are one of the Most Important things which every individual should have because Nowadays companies don’t focus on your Degree but on the Skills which you have. having good skills for FREE how it Sounds, So here we are Giving you the Free One Month Membership of Skillshare Just Click Here to Redeem it

3. Document your Journey & Learnings: It Helps to Build the Craft of Writing, It Nice to Look Back & You Might build an Audience who Believes in what you Believe. and with this Audience, you can Build your Business. When you Document your Journey & much other stuff, after some time you can Convert those things into Book.

4. Become Money Literate: Many people think that Saving a Lot of money Means Building Wealth, But actually, it works Fully Opposite, you should Know Money actually works & its Ethics. Hence you have to be Money Literate, so you can work Smartly and easily build Wealth.

5. Get a Job or Working Experience: Having Experience is one of the essential & Basic things to have. It will help to deal with many things in your Personal life as well as Professional life. So the Best time Period for getting Experience from a Job or the Internship is in your College days. We have also opened the Portel for Students & all other People who have something new & creative can Apply Here.

6. Make things for the People you Admire: as I wrote about Writing things & getting the Working Experience, that will help you here you should be Doing some kinds of stuff for the People you Admire, For Example, you read this article & you Extract some points out of it in the form of Twitter Thread or Instagram Post anything, you can do. & Tag us there. The Result will be you will get noticed by our team & If we like it then We can even Hire you to do the same Stuff.

7. Try to Build A Business as a Teenager: Building a Business as a Teenager will teach you many things apart from just making Money. It will teach you, to be a Leader, you get Ethics & many more things in the Journey of Building A Business. When you make things good then you will definitely earn Money No Doubt.

8. Turn your Active Income into Passive Income: When you Build a Source of active Income and then Convert it into Passive Income it will be there with you lifelong. “Never Settle” always create new ways of income, New Business, And New & Creative things that will Change the System Forever.

😊Happy Learnings📚



Article by: Shivraj Patil | Publisher: | Source: Internet & YouTube "Ali Abdal" | Book: Show your work |

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