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Vegetables for kitchen gardening 2.0

Kitchen gardening is one such concept which helps you in many ways . Gives you the knowledge about how important is the soil and agriculture sector for we people .

    Kitchen gardening is not only growing of Plants in your backyard but this        increases beauty of your surrounding and also provides you with fresh and tasty vegetables and fruits .

    This concept is very interesting which tells we people how to utilize small space and also to prepare pots for planting trees that too from waste buckets or other broken utensils . This in sense gives us ideal of preparing best from waste and tells how all things around us can be used and in what ways .

     Many plants such as leafy vegetables , root vegetables , stem vegetables and  flower vegetables can be grown through kitchen gardening .

     Plants grown in kitchen garden are rich in various vitamins , minerals and other nutrients .

For example :-

·        Root vegetables are good source of potassium , fibers , vitamins A,B and C .

·        Leafy vegetables provide vitamin B , high level of fiber and iron , etc .  

Maintenance of kitchen garden is not much costly nothing is cheaper than this because it does not require large quantity of fertilizer and water . It can be grown by using vegetable waste as manure to this plants.

So here comes some vegetables that you can grow in your kitchen garden .


Ø Cucumber –

1.     It is grown from seeds.

2.     Is the one of the most common vegetables.

3.     It requires 50-70 days to gain maturity and to produce yield.

4.     It is rich source of vitamins and thus, helps to maintain good bone health.

5.     Prevents inflammation.

6.     It proves effective against preventing cancer.

 7. It is very good for skin care .


Ø Carrot –

1.     It is propagated from seed.

2.     It requires 50-60 days to gain maturity.

3.     It is rich source of vitamin A and so promotes good vision.

4.     It is good for skin health.

5.     Improves immunity and maintain good digestive health.

6.     It helps in weight loss.


Ø Radish-

1.     Growing period 50-70 days.

2.     It is good anti-oxidant.

3.     It proves good for heart health.

4.     Being rich source of sulphur it prevents Cancer by protecting DNA.

5.     It is used in salad.


Ø Tomato-

1.     They are grown through seeds on seed bed and then transplant.

2.     It contains various vitamins and minerals.

3.     It is good for skin care.

4.     It yields between 50-75 days after planting .


Ø Brinjal-

1.     It is called egg plant.

2.     It contains potassium ,fiber and vitamin

3.     It also contains magnesium which are good for bones .

4.     It is good for blood circulation.

5.     It requires 60-80 days to grow.


This are some vegetables which play important role in our daily life which helps in maintaining proper body posture and good health.




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